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    About KAL... 

Keewatin-Aski Ltd. (KAL), founded in 1984, provides professional engineering and architectural consulting services.  Our commitment to unsurpassed quality and client service has earned a solid reputation for delivering cost-effective and sustainable approaches to project assignments. 

We are licenced to practice in Architecture (OAA) and Engineering (PEO) in the Province of Ontario.

The quality services that we consistently deliver to our

clients are derived from our human resource structure based on senior level professionals supported by an experienced group of engineers, architects and technologists.

Projects of every scale and complexity are assigned to a senior level KAL professional who maintains direct involvement from project initiation through to completion.  This project management style combined with our client centered approach has forged long-standing associations with our clients.

Our KAL team will start with your vision and then work closely with you to advance your project by Ö

Crafting Inspired Design

    How We Work 

As a medium-sized firm we have the ability to organize the project such that the Project Manager and other senior personnel are directly involved in all aspects.  We will utilize our senior Project Manager along with our other professional staff who collectively have the appropriate experience with the specific project category.  With this commitment to direct involvement of senior staff, you will obtain the highest level of professionalism and consistency.

We recognize that the success of this project is directly related to how well we understand the existing systems and the overall proposed scope. We will utilize a collaborative process and build on our Project Teamís broad experience through consultation with the Project Team and authorities having jurisdiction.

Focusing on making the project fit the needs of the individual users and desired image we will develop design solutions that are versatile while keeping the project rooted within its surrounding environment. 

Direct  Involvement of Senior Staff


    Client-Centred Approach 

Keewatin-Aski Ltd. has served Ontario clients for over thirty years.  The firmís policy is to keep the client closely involved with all phases of a project and to be available for follow-up assistance once the project is completed.  This policy along with the professional services delivered to our clients ensures that we will remain as one of the top firms in Northern Ontario for years to come. We are committed to providing the best service possible.

In addition to adhering to our work plan, our methodology for delivering projects is aimed at

uncovering the personality of each project, revealing its unique characteristics and opportunities.  With this as a starting point, we work with the detailed requirements of the client team to form an integrated design process that directs the creative design process.  In this way our design method is founded on assessment of relevant conditions and the clientís vision which underpins the project.  Our methodology will deliver a building and environment that resonate with both a sense of comfort and client image.

    Why Engage KAL ?

Architectural Services: 
We are passionate about the spaces we inhabit. Architects lend a high level of planning and technical expertise to the building process. We also have the capacity to ensure the buildings you live in, work in and play in enhance your everyday life experience. We are committed to providing architectural solutions that meets our clientsí functional requirements, respect our shared environmental responsibilities and supports our desire to dwell in a meaningful way.



Engineering Services:
Our engineers are committed to delivering customized solutions to make your world a better place. We are problem solvers who assist our clients in meeting the challenges of improving your environment, community and work space.  Our collaborative work with our clients crystallizes the end result of improving peopleís lives and creating designs that perform in an efficient and sustainable manner.

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